That’s the way they’re bending our time: our currency is been depreciated, burned, thrown to the wind. The speed of a ravenous time, that swallows the past to avoid the present, is trying to hide the future to our eyes. Annihilated by concentric perspectives, trapped into an unreachable asymptote, ignored by a reality only focused on what it is, atrophied by a contemporary tale where the worst is yet to come. All this brought us to choose to (re)enlight an unborn time.
The future is the promise that photography can’t keep because of its natural limits, because the images represents a sudden moment, freeze it, fix it, tranforming it in pure infinity. That’s the paradoxical knot that the third edition of RIAPERTURE wants to untie: we want photography to be freed from its spatio-temporal boundaries, to make it able to become liquid, to evolve. Electrical. Future.

‘Future’, that’s the theme we chose for the 2019 edition of RIAPERTURE: a festival which reopens  the closed spaces of Ferrara thanks to photography, bringing floating worlds into closed worlds, taking the time and the guests by the hand, helping us to raise and move our gaze, always so bent in our present.
This festival wants to give birth to other futures in places suspended into a past of ended journeys, our deisire is to tell stories: our purpose isn’t to search a result in a sphere we already discovered but to offer something that isn’t already happened, starting from our present. Without proclaming any prophecies, Riaperture wants to write the the future of our times tales with the help of the artists: we’ll snoop between social surveys sprouts, bringing out through the photography the undercover potential of Reality. Focused on it, we’ll be able to glimpse the rights directions, to follow them.

RIAPERTURE brings its images into abandoned, closed, in restoration, transformed city places. Every closed place has already got its written past, and Riaperture shows us how it could be: it’s the plastic representation of a hypothetical but  enchanting urban future, an experiment held thanks to artist’s photographic research  and the curiosity of visitors. A silent pact between the witness and the photographs signed in the dust of an evolving festival, to re-ignite the time engine of places forgotten by the city shared present, abandoned at the borders of service areas while the urban space carries on in its direction without them. To affirm an inclusive idea of ​​time, beyond judgments but ready to bring an open approach (to questions, to others, to lives) into a  collective discourse, RIAPERTURE chooses THE FUTURE as theme for ITS third EDITION:  what’s happening. What it will happen, what’s coming next.

New developments, promises to keep, investigations to bring the unaccomplished straight to the festival. The arrival of Riaperture’s future will be whispered,unveiled, mediated. Evolving Lifestories, chameleonic and forgotten scenarios are waiting to be (re)discovered through the wish of innovatives languages and approaches that  wil show the photographic translation of our society potential. The stories of RIAPERTURE 2019 will be revelations, anticipations, moving snapshots, roads already photographed but still to be explored. Everything is yet to come.